2 / 2020

Vexve among Finland's most inspiring workplaces

Vexve Oy ("Vexve") has received the Finland's Most Inspiring Workplaces award for 2019.

Vexve Oy ("Vexve") has received the Finland's Most Inspiring Workplaces award for 2019. The recognition is granted annually to companies that have made great strides in developing their operations by paying heed to staff views on important matters.

Each year tens of thousands of employees respond to employee surveys conducted by Eezy Spirit (formerly known as Corporate Spirit). Eezy Spirit annually grants the Finland's Most Inspiring Workplaces award to companies that rank at the top in the survey. The results of Vexve's 2019 employee survey show that Vexve has risen to the top. Vexve ultimately reached the 11th position in the midsize companies category.

"For Vexve, this recognition stands out as a token of the strong commitment of our work community and of the faith our people have in the positive direction we are headed. Moreover, it is a tribute to all our employees for the development measures carried out successfully up to this point”, says Vexve's HR Manager Mirka Hautamäki.

Based on the 2019 survey results, the company has achieved improvements in almost all operations. Examples of tangible measures implemented at Vexve include defining the company's values, developing the feedback culture and clarifying areas of responsibility. The PeoplePower® rating, which measures overall job satisfaction, went up a notch in Vexve's 2019 employee survey and now stands at AA (on a scale of C-AAA).

Vexve is the world's leading supplier of valve solutions for urban and industrial heating and cooling applications. Vexve's valve and control products, as well as hydraulic control solutions developed for demanding applications, are used in district energy networks, power plants and building's heating and cooling systems. Vexve is part of Vexve Armatury Group, which is owned by the development company DevCo Partners Oy.

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