6 / 2023

Vexve and ARMATURY Group Join Forces in Poland

Leading players in the district energy and power sectors, ARMATURY Group and Vexve, have announced a significant step towards strengthening their position in the Polish market.

Both companies have decided to join forces and establish a close collaboration that will bring synergistic benefits to their customers. This collaboration is part of the Vexve Armatury Group.

Given the ongoing energy transformation in Poland, which includes decarbonizing energy supplies, increasing energy efficiency, and enhancing energy security, the collaboration between ARMATURY Group and Vexve is highly strategic. Currently, Poland's energy mix still heavily relies on fossil fuels, but the country is focusing on developing renewable energy sources such as offshore wind farms, gas-fired power plants, and small nuclear power plants.

Historically, Vexve and ARMATURY Group have operated in Poland as competitors, with each specializing in different market segments. Vexve had a strong position in the district heating sector, while ARMATURY Group focused on the electricity market. However, both players offered similar products, such as ball valves and butterfly valves. After the formation of the Vexve Armatury Group, it became evident that consolidating their sales forces was a logical step forward.

Pawel Romanek, the newly appointed Country Director for Poland, shared his insights: "About a year and a half ago, we found ourselves competing against each other in the same project in Poland. We quickly realized that this competition wasn't beneficial for either of us or our customers. We started exploring ways to better organize our sales efforts." Romanek, with over 12 years of experience in the district heating and energy sectors, believes that this collaboration will be mutually beneficial.

One of the main reasons for unifying sales in the district heating and energy segments is the ability to offer customers a wider range of high-quality products. "For end customers, it is always advantageous to work with a single provider that can meet their needs. Even our distributors are seeking suppliers with a diverse product offering," explained Pawel Romanek.

Vexve and ARMATURY Group have already showcased their new collaboration at various trade fairs. "Since the beginning of 2023, we have been participating in district energy and power conferences as the Vexve Armatury Group. Recently, I delivered a presentation on ARMATURY Group's ball valves with retractable seats at a conference in Zakopane. We also plan to participate in an energy-focused conference in Bełchatów in September," enthusiastically confirmed Aleš Bitomský, Business Manager at ARMATURY Group.

Active communication with customers, participation in trade fairs, and promotion in industry magazines are examples of how district energy and power can leverage their networks and collaborate to promote their products in the energy market. The sales strategies and mutual cooperation within the Vexve Armatury Group are off to a strong start, promising mutual success in the Polish market.

About Vexve Armatury Group:

Vexve Armatury Group is a leading provider of high-quality valves and solutions for industrial applications in the district energy and power sectors. The company is renowned for its innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. ARMATURY Group, a part of the Vexve Armatury Group, is a top supplier of ball valves and butterfly valves for the power sector.

More information:

Pawel Romanek, Country Director Poland, Vexve Oy, Tel: +48 507 181 115, E-mail: pawel.romanek@vexve.com