8 / 2019

Vexve has sold the largest valves in its history to China

Vexve has sold the first DN 1600 butterfly valves for a district heating project in China.

When completed, the district heating transmission line build in the project will be the biggest in the world.

Vexve expands its butterfly valve portfolio with the DN 1600 shut-off butterfly valve. It is the largest valve manufactured by Vexve. The valve is 1.6 m in diameter and weighs nearly 6000 kg.

“The DN 1600 butterfly valve product development project was launched in the summer of 2018 with a rather fast schedule when we were informed about the Zhengzhou district heating project and customer needs,” says Tuomas Teittinen, Product Manager for butterfly valves.

In the project, the Zhengzhou’s district heating company will build a new 35 km long district heating transmission line from the power plant to the city. In addition to efficient heat transfer, the new transmission line allows for the centralization of heat production to a more modern and larger plant instead of several smaller and older coal-fired boiler plants.

The world’s biggest district heating transmission line

The heating lines run under a heavily trafficked road and closing the entire road would have resulted in significant traffic disruption in a city of 10.2 million inhabitants. As a result, the customer ended up with one DN 1600 line instead of two DN 1400 lines. When completed, the district heating transmission line will be the world's first of its size.

“With a fast response, we were able to get ahead of our competitors. Thanks to good development cooperation with our part suppliers, we were able to design an extremely high-quality valve,” says Tuomas Teittinen.

In addition to Vexve DN 1600 valves, smaller butterfly valves have been ordered for the project. The first delivery of the DN 1600 valve was made to the project at the end of July and is also a new milestone for Vexve in the Chinese market.

“We want to serve our customers in the best possible way, so we are very proud that we were able to meet our customer needs this quickly. Vexve has a long history in the Chinese market and this is a great continuation to it. We believe there is demand for this valve size in large cities also in the future,” says Henrikki Pekkonen, who is responsible for Chinese sales.

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