10 / 2018

Vexve launches a new valve product line featuring press fit connections for HVAC/R applications

Vexve is the first in the market to launch a complete product line of shut-off and balancing valves with integrated press fit connections.

The valves in the product line are designed for use in heating and cooling networks of buildings. The line-up of new valves will be launched for the international markets at the ISH 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Vexve launches a complete valve product line featuring integrated press fit connections, a market first. The Vexve X valve line-up, a result of long-term product development with a strong customer focus, is designed for optimal shut-off and balancing of heating and cooling networks in buildings. The comprehensive valve product line features shut-off and balancing valves both of carbon steel and stainless steel over a diameter range of 18–54 mm.

The Vexve X line-up is an overall cost-effective solution over the entire product life cycle. The integrated press fit connections reduce the number of parts needed and work phases required while also reducing the risk of leakages. First and foremost, the complete product family enables the use of uniform shut-off and balancing valves in the entire project instead of a selection of valves with varying product features and application properties.

Vexve X valves guarantee quick and reliable installation

Integrated press fit connections reduce the risk of leakages since they have fewer connections than solutions that apply separate adapters. LBP (leak before press) o-rings, an insertion depth limiter and a press collar providing a visual indication of a successful press fit guarantee quick and reliable installation.

The optimised stem construction of Vexve X line-up valves breaks any cold bridge or heat bridge from the valve body. The ready-to-use form-cast insulation minimises heat loss and further speeds up installation.

The handle and the control knob, both made of composite, further facilitate the use of the X series' products, being effortless to remove without separate tools. What's more, with the QR code situated on the handle, users always have electronic access to up-to-date product information and operating manuals.

Find out more about the products in the Vexve X line-up:

  • Vexve steel ball valve with press fit connections
  • Vexve steel balancing valve with press fit connections
  • Vexve stainless steel ball valve with press fit connections
  • Vexve stainless steel balancing valve with press fit connections

We will exhibit our offering at the ISH trade fair from 11 to 15 March 2019. At our stand (Hall 9.1, stand C57), we will provide press fit demonstrations. Come and find out for yourself how the Vexve X product line works!

Further information:

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