10 / 2016

Vexve, now a member of Green Net Finland

Green Net Finland's Board of Directors examined and approved Vexve's application for membership, stating that Vexve fits very well with the diverse skills of Green Net Finland’s member network in low-carbon urban construction.

"Vexve is a company living at an interesting stage and is looking for new growth in an expanding international business. We are more than happy to enhance its growth and are delighted to have immediately found potential for cooperation through our Central Asia and Russian projects for instance. The energy that Vexve, as a growing company, brings to our member networks is very meaningful to us. It is precisely this type of networking and co-operation with companies interested in both domestic and international growth that we want in our member network. Our member network's vision is to be a versatile low-carbon urban solutions value chain and ecosystem, and Vexve expertise brings one more element to this big package," says Green Net Finland's Managing Director Suvi Häkämies.

“As a member of Green Net Finland, Vexve enriches the existing network significance to sustainable urban development, both domestically and internationally. Construction of innovative ecosystems requires dynamic and flexible partners - such we have now," states Vexve Marketing and Communications Director, Anna-Stiina Boström.

Green Net Finland ry

To cover its focus areas, Green Net Finland is growing its member network together with businesses, municipalities, research institutes, educational institutions and other key players in the Finnish cleantech sector. Green Net Finland is building a low-carbon urban environment with development projects focusing on smart housing, construction and urban design, smart mobility and logistics, as well as intelligent consumption, recycling and economic cooperation. We welcome all organizations in the sector to join us in our activities.