3 / 2020

Vexve operation’s in light of COVID-19

Vexve is constantly following the situation with coronavirus COVID-19 and undertaking actions to decrease the risk of its spreading.

We take responsibility in protecting our employees and their families and have therefore introduced travel and meeting restrictions throughout the organization.

Our sales and customer service team is serving customers as usual even though they are mainly working remotely from home offices starting from 16.3.2020. We have also made several preventive actions to ensure the safety of people working at our factory.

To ensure our high service level of delivery capacity, we have increased our critical component and product stock to avoid any delays to product deliveries. At the moment, we are delivering our products with normal lead times to our customers. We survey on a regular basis our key suppliers’ capability to deliver components to us, and currently, we are well covered also in this respect. In addition, we use multiple suppliers for key components. Our shipping departments are working at full capacity in two separate locations (Sastamala and Laitila) in order to ensure deliveries proceeding normally in all situations.

We will do our utmost to maintain our delivery capacity and reliability at its usual high level and will keep our customers posted on any updates related to the situation. We ask our partners to inform Vexve immediately if any relevant information comes to light. As there are some concerns about the ability of trucks to pass borders efficiently, we will be in touch with our European customers to discuss alternatives. In these challenging times, it is very important that we continue working together in our daily work and support each other in any way we can!

For more information:

Sales Director, Region West (Nordics, Western Europe and North America) | Maria Kalli | +358 50 379 1730 |

Sales Director, Region East (Eastern Europe, Baltics, MENA and Asia)
Petri Tuominen | +358 50 464 4599 |

Head of Customer Service, Marketing and Communications
Maija Lehtinen | +358 50 379 3949 |