12 / 2020

Vexve's products and expertise are trusted when selecting a comprehensive solution for underground installation

In addition to traditional valve solutions, Vexve's product range includes also various district energy underground solutions, one of which is a plastic chamber. In the summer of 2019, the plastic chambers supplied by Vexve were installed in Sweden as part of the energy company E.ON’s modern and efficient district heating network.

Vexve offers a comprehensive range of solutions for demanding underground installations in district heating and cooling networks. In addition to valves, Vexve's product range includes various operating and monitoring systems as well as plastic chambers. By offering a wide range of different products and services, Vexve can offer comprehensive solutions to even the most demanding customer needs.

Easy and fast solution for valve installation

Vexve's plastic chamber speeds up the construction of the network and eases operation and maintenance after the installation of the valves. The chamber is designed to be used with manual and hydraulic valve operating systems. Thanks to the honeycomb polyethylene body, the chamber is easy to handle and can be adapted to the desired depth on site. This makes installation much easier and faster than with a concrete chamber. Building a traditional concrete chamber is laborious and time-consuming, and in urban conditions, it often negatively affects traffic performance. Using a plastic chamber saves both time and costs.

Vexve's plastic chamber can be adjusted to the desired length on site quickly and easily by cutting the honeycomb polyethylene body. In addition, the chambers are equipped with a flexible telescopic mechanism that dampens traffic-induced vibration to the pipeline and makes the solution durable. Because the chamber has no bottom, it stays in place without separate anchoring.

Once the plastic chamber is in its place, the area around the chamber can be filled immediately, further speeding up the installation work. Due to its lightness, the chamber can be placed on top of the piping and it is also easy to lift. If necessary, removing and replacing the chamber is easy. Depending on the size of the valves and the distance between the flow and return lines, the operation of either one or two valve elements can be placed in the plastic chamber.

Plastic chambers as part of the Swedish district energy network in Malmö

E.ON Sverige AB is one of Sweden's largest energy companies. In the summer of 2019, Vexve delivered DN 700 butterfly valves equipped with Vexve's hydraulic Hydrox actuators to the energy company's district heating network in Malmö. Vexve's products were selected as part of the project because of the quality of the products and long-term experience in the district energy sector convinced all parties involved in the project.

In addition to traditional valve solutions, E.ON was also convinced Vexve’s the ready-made solution offered by Vexve and ended up choosing two plastic chambers to be part of the project. The chambers ensured easy and fast installation as well as effortless post-installation operation for the two valves. Valves and chambers were installed as part of the network in July 2019.

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