8 / 2020

Vexve supports local sports teams

As a local operator, Vexve wants to be a reliable employer, but also actively support the development and operations of the region

Vexve has been sponsoring the youth activities of local sports clubs for several years.

“Team sports at local sports clubs provide young people with important moments of success and growth, increase their sense of belonging and at the same time reduce their risk of exclusion. For this reason, it is important for us at Vexve to support the sports clubs for children and young people, where most of the work is done with community effort. Working together is also one of Vexve's values,” says Mirka Hautamäki, Vexve's HR Manager.

The variety of clubs supported by Vexve is huge. For example, there are ringette, hockey, floorball, baseball, and athletics clubs. Sastamala and Laitila, where Vexve operates, are strongly influenced by volleyball. Last summer, Vexve donated new game balls to Valepa volleyball juniors in honor of the club's 40th anniversary. In addition, we supported the FC-57 volleyball juniors' Rovaniemi Power Cup trip.

We encourage young people to exercise and will continue to support young people's sports activities also in the future!

Pictures: Valepa