6 / 2018

Vexve supports the development of young people's professional skills

The professional skills Taitaja2018 championships were held on 14-17 May 2018 at the Tampere Fair and Sports Center.

Young future top professionals competed during the three-day event in about 45 different professional fields. Vexve sponsored the CNC-machining tool sector.

There were a total of seven competitors in this year's CNC machining final. During the final, competitor skills were measured for CNC turning, CNC milling, machine shop measurement and technical drawing skills. Vexve was involved in the design of competition tasks centered on the practical challenges of valve-related manufacturing.

"This year’s activities were time-demanding and the competition was tough," says Lasse Tuominen responsible for the sector.

Tuominen, a Vexve machining method developer at Vexve has also the personal experience of skills competitions. He has competed five times in Taitaja, EuroSkills and WorldSkills competitions.

The winner of the 2018 CNC machining final was decided by the excellent performance of Tomi Koistinen from the Ylä-Savo Vocational College.

Business support for educational institutions and the Taitaja championships is vital

For years, Vexve has worked closely with supporters of development young people and educational institutions such as the Sastamala Educational Consortium. There are many former competitors in Vexve’s ranks. Support by companies such as Vexve for the Taitaja championships is important for educational institutions.

"The financial situation of educational institutions is challenging and without the support of companies, certain sectors could not be organized in the Taitaja championships. Companies can also become more familiar to the students and support the development of their professional skills, "says Lasse Tuominen.

Through the championships, students are able to show the companies what they really know. The appreciation of a Taitaja title has increased with employers, especially today when there is a shortage of skilled professionals.