Vexve Oy

With the most comprehensive range, Vexve Oy is the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality valves specifically developed for the most demanding District Heating and District Cooling applications. Vexve also has an extensive range of valves developed for Oil & Gas applications as well as heating and cooling (HVAC/R) systems. In addition, Vexve also develops and delivers smart control solutions for hydronic systems.

Vexve solutions are designed to deliver the highest possible energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the entire heating and cooling network – from district heating power stations and centralized cooling plants, to pumping stations and individual buildings.

Vexve manufactures and delivers two high quality valve brands, VexveTM and NavalTM, in addition to HydroXTM hydraulic actuators and VexveTM smart heating controllers and mixing valves.

Vexve Oy is a Finnish-based business delivering products and services that save energy and improve the environment. The company has been in operation for more than 50 years and today delivers its products and services worldwide to customers in Helsinki to Beijing, and from Milan to Doha and Moscow. Vexve is known for high quality, fast delivery and superior customer service as well as its specialized expertise in energy and the environment – especially for district heating and cooling.

Vexve Oy’s highly advanced, automated production methods along with constant quality monitoring and development are the foundation of Vexve’s quality products. To further ensure the highest quality only the best raw materials and components are used in the manufacture of Vexve products. Vexve’s operations are ISO9001 & ISO3834-2, ISO14001, and PED certified and manufactured valves meet all required quality criteria and standards including EN488, PED, and GOST.

DevCo Partners

Vexve has been owned by Finnish investment company Devco Partners  since June 2016. DevCo is an active and long-term industrial owner whose goal is to accelerate the international growth of Vexve. 

Vexve is an exceptional Finnish company with solid values, strong performance culture, and a leading global market position in its niche segments. This is a great opportunity to further develop the Company together with its dedicated employees. Vexve is exactly the type of medium-sized company – supported by strong megatrends – which DevCo has been looking for, and we will do our utmost to sustainably accelerate the growth of Vexve”, says Otto Kukkonen, interim CEO of Vexve & DevCo Partner’s founding partner.