Vexve - Quality that you can trust

We want to offer our customers intelligent, safe and durable valve solutions. The quality of our products is based on high-quality raw materials, the expertise of our employees and almost 60 years of experience in the district heating and cooling industry.

Our business operations are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. As a responsible company, we operate in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

Modern certified production

Vexve's production facilities are located in Finland. All our valves are manufactured according to the Pressure Equipment Directive and GOST standards, in compliance with the highest quality standards. Our highly automated production is PED and ISO 3834-2 certified.


Superior product quality

Vexve butterfly valves are designed to withstand loads in accordance with EN 488. Vexve was the first company to receive EN 488:2015/EHP003 certification for ball valves.

All our valves are EAC certified. In addition, we comply with all necessary international requirements and standards. 

Uncompromising quality assurance

All valves manufactured by Vexve have Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) H Module certification. PED-certified valves are tested with different media, pressures and temperatures, taking into account the customer's operating environment. PED also defines the requirements for welding and continuous quality control. Ball and butterfly valves are tested during production in accordance with the EN 12266-1 standard.

The quality strategy is available on request from: om;e.c;exv;y/v;lit;qua;ve.;vex.