67 ball valves for NET4GAS with a total amount of CZK 75 milllion

We manufactured a total of 67 ball valves for a 250 km long section of gas pipeline with a diameter of 1400 mm. The pipeline route leads from the Hory Svaté Kateřiny to the border crossing of Rozvadov. Ball valves of different sizes, from the largest ones DN 1400 to smaller ones size DN 300, will be mounted on the main gas pipeline and branch lines.

This order is extraordinary for its scope. Production started in May last year immediately after the contract was obtained, and the first successful inspection was in November with the participation of representatives of NET4GAS and TÜV-SÜD.

At this time, the production of ball valves is still ongoing, final production operations, assembly and testing are underway. Due to the size of the contract, the production and expedition of finished products are running simultaneously and will continue until March of this year, when the contract should be completed. The delivery complicates the construction site at Hora Svaté Kateřiny, which is well-known for its harsh winter weather and difficult access and we have to deliver the largest ball valves just to this place.

NET4GAS is the holder of an exclusive license for gas transportation in the Czech Republic. The company operates over 3800 km of gas pipelines and annually transports about 45 billion cubic meters of natural gas. We have been cooperating with this biggest Czech gas company for more than 10 years and the successful realisation of these orders means positive references that give us the reputation of a reliable manufacturer of ball valves in Europe and worldwide.

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