Ball valve NPS 56” for “green” hydrogen

We have produced a ball valve K92.24 NPS 56” Class 600 in our production hall in Dolní Benešov, which has been designed to fully meet the material requirements for this medium.

This ball valve has been equipped with a combination of sealing elements that guarantee its tightness and impermeability. This was verified during pressure test with helium and nitrogen mixtures with the participation of the end customer in our company. The results? 100% tightness, full functionality of the valve and satisfied customer!

The weight of this ball valve is an incredible 27 tons, and the height is 3 363 mm! And where will this unique valve go? To our customer NET4GAS from the Czech Republic, which is – just like us – already preparing for the future, namely for the transit of “green” hydrogen in natural gas.

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Ball valve for the transit of "green" hydrogen in natural gas




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