Ball valves and gate valves for the Polish gas pipeline Lwówek - Odolanów

We delivered valves to the Polish gas company GAZ-SYSTEM for a total value of 34 mil. CZK. These were mostly ball valves and gate valves, which will be installed in the Lwówek - Odolanów gas pipeline. The high-pressure pipeline route with a diameter of 1000 mm has a total length of 168 km.

The contract was awarded in a public tender in 2015. The deliveries were then divided into four phases and took place essentially during 2016. These included valves for both the above-ground and underground parts of the pipeline. Some of the products therefore had to be coated with a special PROTEGOL coating to protect those parts of the valve that are installed in the ground. We supplied a total of 106 valves for this project. Most of them were K92 ball valves in dimensions DN 150 and DN 1000 on PN 100, the remaining part were fully welded gate valves.

The largest valves in terms of weight and dimensions were ball valves for pipes with a diameter of 1000 mm. All six of these ball valves were equipped with a ground set with an extension of the operating pin and remote control by means of an electro-hydraulic actuator.

GAZ-SYSTEM is a Polish gas giant that emphasizes quality according to the latest technical trends in the gas industry. Our design, technological and production centres had to adapt to this. By fulfilling these requirements, we have become one of the five companies selected to supply GAZ-SYSTEM.

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