Gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia

143 pieces of ball valves K91 and K92 NPS 1-28“for the "Gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia" project, which is a priority for the interconnection of the gas network of Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Helping Serbia to diversify its gas resources.

Our ball valves will be part of a 170 km long pipeline that will run from Sofia, Bulgaria to Niš, Serbia, with a planned capacity of 1.8 billion cubic meters per year. Thanks to this interconnection, Serbia will have additional gas connections from Greek LNG terminals, Azerbaijan's TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) or the Romanian Black Sea.

The contract included both manually operated ball valves and underground ball valves including FASEK actuators. It is worth mentioning not only the 15 ball valves with NPS 28", but also the 8 ball valves with NPS 20".

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Gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia



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