Huge ball valves DN 1400 for Eustream Compression Station

We delivered ball valves to Slovakia for more than 75 million crowns. A total of 29 valves went to the construction of the new compressor station in Lakšhárská Nová Ves.

At the end of 2017, we participated in a tender for the supply of large ball valves DN 700, DN 1200 and DN 1400. The tender was announced by the national gas transporter, Eustream Bratislava. Throughout the process, great emphasis was placed on a short delivery time, as these were very important valves in the construction of the compressor station.

We managed to obtain a substantial part of the required valves in an electronic auction. The largest of the valves supplied were DN 1400 overhead ball valves with hydropneumatic actuators. The weight of one of these ball valves reaches 30 tonnes! We produced these valves in just four months after receiving the order.

A total of 29 ball valves were shipped, six of which were of the DN 1400 clearance just mentioned. Another nine DN 1200 ball valves were equipped with hydropneumatic actuators and 14 DN 700 ball valves with manual gearboxes.

The smooth running of the order was managed by a project team made up of experts from various departments, from the project manager to the welding technologist to the expediter at the end of the logistics process. All ball valves were successfully tested in the presence of Eustream representatives.

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Construction of a new compressor station in Lakšárská Nová Ves



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