Vexve X - New generation of valves

The new Vexve X range is designed for the optimal shut-off and balancing of both district energy networks and heating and cooling networks in buildings. The complete valve range includes steel and stainless steel shut-off and balancing valves with all the most commonly used connection heads (DN 10-50). All the stainless steel valves in the series have Finnish drinking water approval.

Unparalleled customer benefits


The X-series valves are designed and manufactured in Finland from high-quality European materials. The product's carbon footprint is reduced by an average of 9%. The valves are maintenance-free and designed to last the entire network life cycle.


The new stem structure cuts off the formation of a thermal bridge outside the insulation. The balancing valves have higher Kv values thanks to the new flow tube. All X-series valves have a Rate A tightness.

Best usability in the market

The X-series valves are light to operate due to lower torque. Valve information is always visible from the handle. The precision control knob of balancing valves makes the adjustment of the valve easier.

Easy to install

Thanks to even better insulation allowances and the welded construction, the X-series valves are easy to insulate either with the insulation modules available in our range or with traditional pipe insulation.

Excellent availability

All X-series products have great availability through Vexve’s wholesalers and distributors. Our expert service and technical support materials are always at your use.

X-series technical materials

You can always find the most up-to-date technical support materials for the X-series from our website:

3D models of X-series valves are available on MagiCloud and CADS services.

Press-fit valves

Vexve X-series also includes steel and stainless steel shut-off and balancing valves with press-fit connections. The integrated press-fit connections reduce the number of needed parts and work phases while also reducing the risk of leakages compared to solutions that apply separate adapters. The press connection can be done with both M and V profile jaws. LBP (leak before press) O-rings, insertion depth limiter and press collar enable a fast and reliable installation.  

We are here to help!

Our expert service is always at your use! We are happy to help with any product-related questions and aid you in finding the perfect valve solution suited to your needs. Our customer service is praised for its speed and responds to the order and delivery-related questions within 24 hours of your contact.

Vexve X-series introduction video