Vexve Control products

Vexve AM20-W

The market's most user-friendly wireless heating control, indoor temperature controlled for a single circuit.


  • Single family house heating controller operated by a wireless room unit
  • Suitable for radiator, Hydronic floor or constant temperature heating systems, easy installation without special tools
  • Delivery includes control for a single heating circuit
  • Patented indoor heat control requires no separate curve setting
  • Very easy and quick installation because no outdoor sensor is needed
  • Eco function for easy energy saving with just one touch of a button
  • Control wheel for easy temperature adjustment in degrees Celsius
  • Temperature and basic functions can be read at a glance from the illuminated and clear LCD display
  • Automatic radio link connection
  • Programmable clock (weekly programming for weekdays, weekends, or for each day separately)
  • Valve maintenance function once per week if the valve has been closed all the time
  • Absence mode for holiday periods or intermittent use
  • The minimum and maximum supply water values can be adjusted separately


  • Illuminated LCD display
  • 18 VAC supply voltage (low-voltage equipment, installation does not require an electrician)
  • The controller is integrated with the motor section (IP41)
  • 1 sensor input, RJ12
  • 1 wireless antenna connection, RJ11
  • Room unit housing IP21, wall mounted
  • Motor unit 24VAC / 140s / 90 ° / 5Nm / 3-point control, protection class IP41
  • Strength of the radio link shown in clear percentages
  • Alarms for sensor or communication malfunctions, shown on the LCD display
  • Battery replacement alarm on LCD display
  • Internal memory ensures settings are retained during battery replacement or power outages

Delivery contents:

Room unit with an LCD display and temperature measurement

  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Wireless data transmission on 868 MHz
  • Three AA alkaline batteries with a useful life of 2–3 years
  • Protection class IP21, ready for wall-mounting

Motor unit, 24 VAC, 140s / 90 degrees / 5Nm

  • Protection class IP41
  • Manual operation switch and mechanical position indication on the front panel

External power supply, 230 VAC 50 Hz / 18 VAC, 300 mA

  • 2.5-meter wire, DC-plug connection to the motor unit

Supply water temperature sensor (KTY)

  • 1-meter connection cable, RJ12-connector
  • Pipe fastening ties

Antenna unit 868 MHz transmission frequency

  • 1.5-meter wire can be wall-mounted, RJ11 connection to the motor unit

Connection adapters to valves

  • Vexve AM series and Termomix valves, as well as other standard four-point attachment valves (adapters available for several other valves).

This device meets the following environmental requirements and standards:

  • Operating temperature 0 … +40 °C
  • Storage temperature −20 … +60 °C
  • Shipping temperature −20 … +60 °C
  • Humidity 0–100 % RH, non-condensing conditions
  • RoHs 2002/95/EC
  • CE-mark 93/68/EEC
  • EMC-directive 2004/108/EEC
  • LVD- directive 2006/95/EC
  • General requirements for household control devices EN 60730–1:2000
  • Special requirements for temperature controllers EN 60730-2-9:2002

The room unit additionally meets the following requirements:

  • ERM, electromagnetic compatibility and radio spectrum matters EN 300–220-1
  • EMC, electromagnetic compatibility requirements EN 301–489-1