Energy production

Vexve’s range of valve solutions for heating, cooling and CHP plants includes shut-off ball valves and metal-seated butterfly valves for shut-off and control applications up to 40 bars of pressure and diameters up to DN 1600. The valves can be equipped with manual gears or electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Additionally we offer valves for low-pressure natural gas distribution.

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  1. HS Tarm A/S

    HS Tarm in Denmark has developed a small-sized power plant where a hybrid system with prefabricated heat pumps is placed inside a shipping container. Vexve X series valves are used to control the flow to each individual heat pump as well as on/off valves.

  2. Kuopion Energia

    Kuopion Energia started district cooling with its new Savilahti district cooling plant in the summer of 2020. The district cooling produced with the help of cold lake water is currently used by nearby educational institutions and commercial properties, as well as Kuopio University Hospital (KYS), which in the future will use almost 2/3 of the plant's capacity.