Vexve ZMK

Highly specialised valve solutions for petrochemical plants and refineries.

Vexve ZMK

Our product brand Vexve ZMK includes highly specialised valve solutions for petrochemical plants and refineries. The offering includes services from consultation, engineering, and manufacturing of valves all the way to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The manufacturer of Vexve ZMK products is ZMK Technologies GmbH., part of the Vexve company.

Vexve ZMK products

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Services - Vexve ZMK

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24/7 SERVICE AND AVAILABILITY +49 2421 395 28 18

  • Valve maintenance at site as well as in one of ZMK’s approved worldwide service-workshops
  • Detailed TAR planning incl. estimation of work scope as well as evaluation of necessary spare parts
  • Necessary repairs for electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators
  • Technical support, site supervision during erection, commissioning, start-up, performance test, etc.
  • Valve upgrade with patented baffle-technology
  • Valve modifications (e.g. adding new stiffening ribs) based on changed process and line requirements from customer
  • Installation and use of pre-manufactured seat-rings in order to reduce down-time
  • Operator training


Finite Element Analysis

  • Static stress analysis for ASME and PED
  • Transient and static thermal analysis
  • Lifecycle calculations for ASME, FKM and PED

Engineering Services

  • Highly experienced and motivated team of experts
  • Professional and customer-oriented order execution
  • Design and calculation including FEA and CFD
  • Main process requirements and application considered
  • Operating conditions (medium, pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Safety functions involved as identified and specified in risk analysis (e.g. HAZOP)
  • Research and development
  • 3D modelling
  • Changes and improvements (e.g. baffle)


Vexve ZMK / ZMK Technologies GmbH

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Vexve ZMK / ZMK Technologies GmbH

Ingo Leufgen

Director, Petrochemical and Iron & Steel

+49 17 28 45 58 72


Iron & Steel, Petrochemical

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  • Vexve Armatury
  • Vexve ZMK