Hydraulic control solutions for demanding conditions

The Hydrox hydraulic control solutions are specifically designed for underground district heating and cooling networks. With Hydrox actuators and control units, the valves can be operated either on-site or remotely. The hydraulic control solutions fit seamlessly with Vexve's comprehensive valve range.

The Hydrox product family consists of actuators suitable for different valve sizes and four different control units: HCU Basic, HCU Manual, HCU Manual + and HCU Remote. You can choose the option that best fits your needs!

Easy to use

The actuators are easy to operate above ground using the control unit. The HCU Remote allows operating remotely even from the control room.


Hydraulic actuators do not require electricity to operate underground. With hydraulic solutions, you also avoid unnecessary chamber visits.


The weatherproof and simple design guarantees the reliability of the solution even in corrosive conditions.


Several valves can be operated with one control unit, even if the valves are installed at a distance from each other. Due to their compact size, the actuators can also be installed in smaller-sized chambers.

Control cabinets

  1. HCU Remote

    The hydraulic control cabinet HCU Remote is used for remote and local control of valves fitted with hydraulic actuators. The valves can also be operated directly at the cabinet.

  2. HCU Manual+

    This is an enhanced version of the HCU Manual control unit. The HCU Manual+ control cabinet is equipped with an electric hydraulic pump unit for convenient operation.

  3. HCU Manual

    The HCU Manual is the basic version of a full range of control possibilities for Vexve hydraulic actuators. It is the right choice where simplicity is key and secure operation is needed at all times.

  4. HCU Basic

    HCU Basic is the most simplified version of the Hydrox product family’s control units. It is the right choice when a flexible control option is needed.

Hydraulic actuators

  1. Hydrox™

    Vexve’s Hydrox hydraulic actuator is suitable for even the most challenging installation sites and conditions. Specifically designed for district heating and district cooling applications and to operate seamlessly with Vexve’s comprehensive range of ball and butterfly valves, the Hydrox hydraulic actuator is the perfect solution for underground installation providing easy and reliable operation with maximum safety at all times.

  2. Hydrox™ by-pass

    Hydrox by-pass is the smallest of the Hydrox actuator family. It is intended primarily for use on the bypass valve in demanding sites where mainline valves are equipped with larger Hydrox actuators. Hydrox by-pass provides the same capabilities as the larger Hydrox actuators and is designed to be used in the most challenging applications and environments.


  1. Liedon Lämpö Oy

    The new district heating plant built by Liedon Lämpö Oy was commissioned in October 2020. In connection with the new plant, also about one kilometer of district heating network line was built. Vexve's valves together with Vexve's smart underground control and monitoring solutions, guarantee the reliable operation of the district heating plant and the network.

  2. E.ON Sverige AB

    E.ON Sverige AB is one of Sweden's largest energy companies. In the summer of 2019, in addition to traditional valve solutions, Vexve also delivered two plastic chambers for the Malmö district heating network project.