iSENSE™ - Smart monitoring solutions for district energy networks

Vexve’s iSense product family consists of smart monitoring solutions specifically designed for underground district heating and cooling networks. The real-time measurement data provided by iSense product family helps to improve network efficiency, provides tools for condition monitoring, and enables fast leakage detection.

The iSense product family consists of four different products: iSense Flow, iSense Opti, iSense Pulse, and iSense Chamber. All iSense products are suitable for wireless underground use, are self-powered and can be retrofitted to existing networks.

Monitoring systems are delivered on a turnkey basis. Vexve’s maintenance service takes care of system functionality and device maintenance.


Avoid unnecessary chamber visits. With the help of continuous remote monitoring, you can easily and safely prevent maintenance needs and effectively target maintenance operations to the right chambers.

Property maintenance

Monitor underground network. With iSENSE solutions, you can prevent corrosion damage in pipelines. Continuous monitoring and rapid response to problem areas can extend the life cycle of piping, chambers, and valve elements.

Customer satisfaction

Minimize customer disruptions. By following the network, you can e.g. locate problem situations in chambers as well as possible pipeline leaks and minimize interruptions in energy distribution.


Keep customers happy with optimized energy production. The real-time measurement data provided by the iSENSE product family helps to improve network efficiency while achieving cost savings.

Monitoring solutions

  1. iSense Opti – Real-time network monitoring

    iSense Opti enables real-time detection of changing conditions in the underground district energy networks, so that network can be controlled optimally based on accurate, measured data. This measured data also helps in detecting areas with exceptionally high heat loss, as well as areas which are cooled down due to unfavorable flow direction. The measured values are the network pressure, network temperature and vibration.

  2. iSense Pulse – Online leakage detecetion

    With iSense Pulse you can locate pipeline leakage in real-time and prevent corrosion due to insulation damage. Leakage detection is based on pulse measurement technology, which is implemented by internal insulation alarm wires.

  3. iSense Flow – For measuring changing flow and network conditions

    iSense Flow is a wireless monitoring solution for measuring changing flow and network conditions. The measurement data produced by iSense Flow supports energy companies in the network optimization, monitoring of regional heat consumption, and validation of computational models.

  4. iSense Chamber – Chamber monitoring

    iSense Chamber enables effective online monitoring of chambers. Water accumulation to chambers and resultant problems can be prevented and maintenance operations can be done effectively targeted.

iSENSE Online

Real-time monitoring of iSENSE all monitoring solutions is done through the iSENSE Online cloud service. iSENSE Online is a visual and easy-to-use interface for up-to-date monitoring of chambers.

Data is sent to cloud service every 15 minutes, every hour or once a day, depending on your iSENSE device. The data can be seen with accurate dots and visual charts on the map. Cloud service is available from all devices, anytime, anywhere, with SSL-protected login.


  1. Kotkan Energia

    Kotkan Energia is a local energy supplier specializing in versatile energy production in the Kotka area. They mainly produce district energy, industrial steam, electricity, and waste utilization. Vexve’s valves and iSENSE monitoring solutions are part of the effective and reliable district energy distribution of Kotkan Energia.

  2. Liedon Lämpö Oy

    The new district heating plant built by Liedon Lämpö Oy was commissioned in October 2020. In connection with the new plant, also about one kilometer of district heating network line was built. Vexve's valves together with Vexve's smart underground control and monitoring solutions, guarantee the reliable operation of the district heating plant and the network.

  3. Sei (Tea SpA Group)

    An innovative project of a monitoring system for the district heating networks of the Municipality of Mantua was implemented by Sei, a company of the Tea SpA Group with Sfera Energy Solutions, Vexve’s trusted partner in Italy. The aim of this project was to create a smart supply of district heating with Vexve’s iSENSE Opti and iSENSE Chamber products.